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Public places

VAG Security Systems is at home in all sectors. Even in the protection of public places where large numbers of people gather.
Such as trade fairs, concert and event halls, but also open air festivals and even amusement parks. For which we not only provide access control but also protect the safety of the visitors and concert goers. Just as we ensure that the goods of the organizers and/or exhibitors are kept safe from light-fingered hands.


  • Marc Gielis, Centre Sportif de la Forêt de Soignes
    “VAG Security seemed the ideal partner to provide intruder detection and access control solutions for the 8,000m² of sports halls, 33 doors...
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  • Anne-Catherine Denet, Walibi Belgium
    “It’s obvious that protecting an amusement park such as Walibi requires a very specialized approach and a vast range of security solutions....
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